Echo League

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    This is the first post that i am publishing onto the Echo League and I'm going to explain what i want to do with this project off mine.

    Echo League Is going to be an amateur league for Call of Duty which doesn't require a subscription or payment to join. I got the idea when actually participating in a bigger league but thought that what's the point in paying to play when i know i'm not as good yet however i wanted to play with the bigger players to gain more experience. This league will do just that eventually but to establish it first, i will just have some fun to get it's name out there. 

    The way i want this to work is like a division, that you'd see in sports, but with players or teams. I want to run a singles and team division but separately. The way i want the game to work is that one kill is two points and one death is -1 point. I'd be setting up every match so i can record the stats of each player and the one who finishes at the end of the season would be declared champion.

    Here's a future idea i have been strongly considering and that is if this division was to work then i would turn it into a fantasy league. You would pick the 4/5 players who you'd think perform best and then over the season you'd be building up points. I could make this a really cheap entry like £1 and then the winner would take all that was paid into the fantasy league.

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